Weekly challenge: Mindful eating

By Dr. Ron Hekier April 3, 2017




Over in our Facebook group, we have have been posting weekly challenges. This week our challenge is again going to be a habit.


What I want to do this week, at least once every day when you’re eating something, is to close your eyes and mentally describe to yourself what you’re eating.

Describe the texture. Describe the taste. Describe how long it lasts.


This is called mindful eating. When we pay attention to what we’re eating, when we’re mindful of what we’re eating, we’re able to separate emotional eating from rational eating.


You’re aware of what you’re eating. You are much more likely to make proper food choices and much less likely to eat high-calorie foods that just don’t even give you that much enjoyment, but which you eat for some emotional reason.

So watch the video as I start off with the mindful eating.

I’m eating a BabyBell Laughing Cow cheese with a few almonds and I describe what it tastes like to myself and to you.

With the cheese I note just a nice creaminess It just kind of melts on my tongue and I like the crunchiness of the almond and a little bit of a bitter taste together with the cheese.

I sense a crunch and just a soft melty squishy feeling with the cheese.

As I’m eating my snack if I close my eyes and think about it if I’m mindful about it I’m more likely to enjoy the snack.

I’m more likely to eat a lot less because I’m paying attention to the food.

So that’s your eating challenge for this week: Each day I want you to post below in the comments of the Facebook post what you ate that you are mindful of on that day and describe it.

I’m sure you will find that you  end up eating less snacks and junk food and that when you eat them, you have a smaller portion.

You might describe how it tasted, how it felt, what was the texture, how long did it last.

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