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By Dr. Ron Hekier May 5, 2017









I’ve come up with a new travel tip for weight loss. A few weeks ago one of the followers of our Facebook page, LapBand Doctors messaged me and asked me to help her.

She was traveling to Las Vegas and worried about her upcoming food intake.  I asked her to take pictures of what she was eating for 24 hours and to share them with me.

Throughout the day she took pictures of what she was eating.

On the plane she had snacks including a protein shake and another item that wasn’t too high in calories.

Later that day she shared pics of the items that she was eating while in Las Vegas. She took a picture of her dinner and she had a big chocolate shake and a plate of four chicken empanadas.

I suggested she go ahead and enjoy herself because she was in Vegas which is not a typical event.

But then I asked her to make one important modification: I told her to have half. Half of her shake, half of the dinner.  Basically I told her to have half of her portion.

So instead of the whole chocolate shake she had half of that chocolate shake. Instead of the four chicken empanadas she had two.

That way she was able to enjoy these great food items, a chocolate milkshake which she doesn’t often have, or chicken empanadas which she doesn’t often have. But she had half the calories.

I thought of this while I was off on a business conference.

I bought some snacks for myself and one item I purchased was a bag of almonds.  The bag of almonds has 2,700 calories.   That’s a lot of calories.

After about a day and a half I had eaten half of the bag. With one day left on my trip I decided to practice what I preach.   With one day left, I threw my half remaining bag of almonds in the trash.

And with that, I got rid of 1,300 calories.

That’s my tip: next time you’re traveling and enjoying a treat, have half of your item. You don’t have to wait until you’re traveling either. If you’re out enjoying some large calorie food item which you don’t normally eat, have half of it.

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