North Carolina Lap Band Surgeons is pleased to introduce their new surgeon locator. This tool allows prospective patients and those wanting more information about both the lap band procedure as well as surgeons in their area, to find what they need quickly and easily. You can use the locator to find and connect with surgeons in your area as well as check whether or not there are local lap band surgery seminars available to you as well.

This new search tool allows you to get in touch with surgeons who specialize in both the lap band surgical procedure as well as who are experienced with lap band issues and weight loss in general. As an alternative if you searched for other types of surgery, lap band has surpassed many with its improved safety record and low risks.

There are two ways you can begin your search for local lap and surgeons in your state. The first is to select your state, in this case North Carolina, from the drop-down menu at the top of the page the other option is to click on the corresponding state on the map that you see. This will bring up a listing of all local and area lap band surgeries that are available to you. In North Carolina, currently our featured doctors list includes those in Cary North Carolina, Raleigh, as well as Charlotte and Winston-Salem. Our search locator tool is always updated so you can be sure that you will be getting the most current information about doctors available to you locally.

You’ll also be able to visit their personal websites and get in touch with them as well. Seminars for lap band surgery are also something that interest many prospective patients. At a seminar, you will be able to meet with the doctors and get your specific questions answered as well as learn more about potential aftereffects of the surgery, what you need to do it for you have the surgery and of course, financing. With’s new surgeon locator tool you will always be able to find surgeons near you and obtain up-to-date, relevant information.

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