What if you don’t believe in yourself?

By Dr. Ron Hekier November 9, 2016



Do you believe?  Because if you don’t believe, you can’t do it.

A fellow bariatric surgeon recently shared a story on increasing graduation rates at a local high school. This school has many students from an area of low-income housing and historically has poor graduation rates.  To fight this they instituted a mentorship program to help the children set higher standards for themselves.  

An outside group came into the Miami area and spent time with the students mentoring them.  The mentors would check in on them at night, and check on them if they missed school  The graduation rate dramatically increased from 54% to 72% in the past five years.

The principal said: “Seeing them their ninth grade year getting sent to my office for silly referrals or for Saturday school and now seeing them talk about wanting to be doctors and lawyers, it’s super rewarding.”

The students were taught to believe they had a future, and that made a significant difference.  Maybe that’s something they didn’t get at home.  Before the mentorship program, many of them never believed in the ability of their education to lead to a better future.

I truly believe that the life time success of many people is due to their upbringing.  Were they raised to believe in their ability to succeed?  Did a person grow up believing they have the power to control their destiny through their individual effort?

If the answer is no, then that person is starting life with a handicap.  The same holds true for many endeavors in life.

I’ve seen the power of the mind in patients recovering from surgery.  Experienced hospital nurses will tell me within a few minutes of encountering a patient, whether that patient will have a quick recovery or a slow recovery.  That’s based upon a patient’s demeanor and to a large extent whether they believe they have the power to control their recovery and post operative activity.

In the weight loss world, some people believe they have no power over their outcome.  I hear variations of a theme from a weight loss patient such as

  • “This surgery isn’t working for me”
  • “I don’t know what’s wrong, I must have a slow metabolism”
  • “I’m not losing weight, I guess I can’t do it.”


When I hear someone say these things or variations of that theme I know that they don’t believe they can control their destiny.

I touched on this on a previous post last year: Failure is a habit. 

In that post I wrote of one man who created the largest weight loss surgery program in the country.  He set out to eliminate the barriers of doubt and prove to people that bariatric surgery is effective and safe. Once people believed, they could achieve.

I strive to empower my patients to show them that they are charge of their destiny.  There is no such thing as “I am unable to lose weight.”  They all have the power to change their life and take control.

No one has a metabolism problem that prevents them from losing weight. We all can improve our level of health and fitness. We all have to power to improve and control our destiny.

There is no reason you can’t control your health.  There is no reason you can’t control your destiny.  No one has that power over you.  Not a family member, and certainly not a politician.

I’m not going to let anyone tell me what I can or cannot accomplish.  I’m not going to allow an acquaintance, a celebrity, or a politician to have power over me and affect my belief in how I or my children can succeed.

Once you believe, you can achieve.


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