Is my Lap Band too tight or too loose?

By Dr. Ron Hekier March 15, 2010

Many of my patients are confused about their Lap Band adjustment. They come in for their routine checkup and just aren’t sure where they stand. They don’t know if they are too tight, too loose, or just right. For me, one key thing to check, is to see if they are struggling. If I hear them say the word “struggle” than something might need to be changed in their adjustment.

If they say “I am struggling with my hunger” and they feel the need to eat more often, then they might be too tight.

If they say “I am struggling to get food down and have to be very selective in what I eat” then they are quite possibly too tight.

A couple of caveats. First of all, if someone is hungry all the time, their Lap Band might actually be too tight. This is because being too tight might make it so that they are having mostly liquids, mushy foods, and very crispy foods. Things like, soup, broth, yogurt, chili, chips, and crackers. These items might go through your Lap Band and through your stomach more quickly and as a result you end up felling hungry. So in some cases, someone who is often hungry may actually have their Lap Band too tight and need fluid removed from their gastric band.

The second note is that if you are eating too quickly or not chewing your food well, you might feel as if your gastric band is too tight, but it might be just right. We suggest the rule of 30. Chew each bite 30 times, and take 30 minutes to finish your meal.


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