Lap band Surgery

Over 700,000 Lap-Bands have been placed worldwide, and it is the safest, least invasive, least radical surgical option for weight loss.

Operations to treat obesity have been around for many years, but the other operations are much more unsafe than the Lap-Band. Other weight loss surgical procedures involve cutting across the stomach or intestine, which can increase the chance for leaks and post-operative death. The Lap Band is the only minimally invasive, adjustable weight loss surgery that does not require stapling across the stomach or intestines.

The LapBand surgery is done by surgically placing the Lap Band across the top of the stomach, creating a small stomach pouch. The Lap Band and slows down the passage of food into the rest of the stomach, creating a feeling of fullness with only small portions of food. This allows for safe weight loss without any nutritional deficiencies.

The LapBand works in a special way that no diet can.  The Lap Band allows a person to control their hunger with a small portion of food, something no diet can do.

Imagine if a person on a diet was told they would eat off a small saucer plate for lunch and dinner for the rest of their lives.  They would say that is impossible, because they know that their hunger would overcome their ability to eat small portions of food.

But with the Lap Band, hunger is controlled, and a person can eat small portions of healthy food and feel satisfied.  By eating small portions of healthy food, sustainable weight loss can occur.

Lap Band placed across the stomach with the port invisible under the skin.

The Lap Band port is accessed for adjustments. This is generally done in the office.

When the Lap Band’s inner balloon is completely deflated, the stomach opening allows a moderate passage of food.

When the inner balloon is inflated there is a smaller opening into the stomach creating a greater feeling of fullness and a greater restriction to the amount of food you can eat.

Advantages of the Lap Band:

  • No cutting across the stomach or intestine
  • Safest profile of any weight loss surgery
  • Laparoscopic surgery with small incisions
  • Short recovery time with most patients going home the same day of surgery

With the Lap Band there is no dumping syndrome, no resulting anemia with need for iron or B12 shots as there is with the gastric bypass.  With the LapBand, there is no risk of life threatening leaking from the staple line as there is with the gastric sleeve.

Unlike the gastric sleeve and gastric bypass, no staples are used.  In the gastric sleeve, hundreds of staples are used to amputate the stomach.  For the gastric bypass, the intestinal tract is permanently altered to change the flow of digestion.

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