Lap Band patients: Eat your protein first!

By Dr. Rachael Keilin October 9, 2012

The number 2 most frequent complaint I hear from patients is how hard it is to eat 60g or more of protein per day. (number 1 is how hard it is to exercise, find time to exercise, find the motivation to exercise, etc but I digress)

So I came up with a plan to make it easier.  And you know what? It’ll help make you feel fuller and lose weight faster, too! Plan what to eat, then eat your plan.  If you know you need 60g of protein per day, divide it something like this:

Breakfast 10g Lunch 20g Mid-afternoon snack 10g Dinner 20g

Then – and here’s the important part- eat the protein first!

For example, if you have a grilled chicken breast for dinner, that’s 124 calories and 22g of protein.  If you ate that before anything else, you’d already be somewhat full if your band is adjusted to your sweet spot.

And if you’re kind of  full, you won’t have room for lots of high calorie starchy junk, like rice and french fries.  If you tried to eat more than a few spoonfulls, you’ll just end up with it coming back up.

So not only did you eat the protein you needed, but you helped prevent eating too many starchy calories at dinner that would get turned right into fat.

You’ll literally be stopping a big calorie cheat meal by filling your stomach with healthy, muscle preserving proteins before the fat making starchy carbs can sneak in.

Do that at every meal and in just a few weeks, you’ll notice weight starting to come off more effortlessly and without hunger.

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