Diet challenge: Only buy food where you are supposed to.

By Dr. Ron Hekier March 5, 2017


The amount of food with which we are surrounded is staggering. That could be one reason so many of us have a tough time with our weight.


For the next week I want you to not buy any food or any drinks at a location that is not a grocery store or a restaurant.

We live now in a society where every single place that has a cash register has food.

Think about it.

Is there anywhere in America that has a cash register that doesn’t have food? Hardware stores, gas stations, toy stores, department stores.

They will have chocolates and snacks and other items at the checkout aisle.

You go to a hardware store and it’s like a mini candy store at the register.

They have Slim Jims, they have M&Ms, they have every possible candy.

Last week, one of my patients told me that when she started thinking about it, she realized that gas stations have become mini restaurants.

You can get hotdogs, and corn dogs, and ice cream at a gas station now, in addition to all the chips and junk food and those are extra calories that we don’t need.

We usually find ourself having those in between our meals.

For the next week, if you ever do this, stop getting calories of any type, liquid or food.

Don’t buy any kind of food or drink at any establishment that is not a restaurant or grocery store.

That includes snack machines at work!

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