How to choose fruit that is lower in calories.

By Dr. Ron Hekier February 13, 2017
When it comes to healthy eating and keeping our calorie count down a lot of people don’t think about the calories in the fruit that they eat.

On our Facebook page someone asked me about the impact of adding fruit to yogurt or cottage cheese.

Depending on the type of fruit that you have you may be getting a lot more calories than you’re aware of.

My rule of thumb is to think about how solid fruit is or what the water content is.

So in my mind the most solid fruits are things like apples, pears, peaches. Those may have a 100 – 150 calories per serving depending on how large the fruit is.

Something that is more watery such as blueberries or strawberries are about 50 calories for half a cup. The reason they have less calories is because there’s more water within them.

So that leaves less space for carbohydrates. Things such as raspberries or blackberries are even lower about 30 30 calories for half a cup because again more water, less space for starchy carbohydrates which is actually sugar. When you’re deciding upon what fruit to add to your meal, for example if you want to put fruit in cottage cheese or yogurt, choose the fruit with a lower density.

If it is more watery those are the fruit that have the lowest calories. If it is more dense, then that is a fruit that is typically higher in calories.

I had one patient stuck with her weight largely because she was eating a lot of fruit one summer.

Read that story here: Summer fruit, more calorie than you think.

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