Save thousands of calories by changing breakfast.

By Dr. Ron Hekier December 22, 2016




Today I saw a patient who lost 12 pounds in the past eight weeks!

12 pounds in eight weeks and the main difference in his food intake was him changing his breakfast.

Last time I saw him a couple months ago we went over his breakfast choices and we had him change his breakfast. And breakfast in my opinion is probably the most important meal for a person to examine. Because breakfast is the one meal that is typically a constant and what I mean by that is we typically have the same breakfast over and over and over again. Whereas lunch … we may go out to lunch with friends or workmates and have different lunch every day. Same thing with dinner. We may go out with friends or family to dinner and pick different restaurants a couple times a week.

But breakfast is a constant for many of us. Whatever we have on one day is typically a breakfast that we’re going to have every day.

Look  at some breakfast counts of typical breakfasts I found here on the internet…

  • Omelet with hash browns 536 calories.
  • Scrambled eggs with one slice of toast and bacon 588 calories.
  • Blueberry pancakes with syrup 400 calories.

As we can see if we’re having a breakfast of 500 or even 400 calories a day, if we can change that and have a much smaller breakfast maybe 150 calories a day then we’re cutting out perhaps 200, 300 or even 400 calories a day from our typical intake.

Over the course of a month or two that’s going to be a significant amount of weight that’s lost from that one change.

Take a look at your breakfast. You may find that there’s room for improvement. If I have breakfast I’ll typically have a protein shake, mix in water.  No milk, sugar or peanut butter.

I may have just some steel cut oatmeal, (which nutritionally is no different than regular oats), and it’s about 150 calories a serving.

Sometimes I’ll add a non calorie sweetener to it. I can add Splenda or Stevia. A friend of mine recently gave me these sweeteners from .


These are Stevia flavored mixes with interesting flavors such as have Blueberry Sky, Fruity Loops cereal, and Razzmatazz.

Zero calories! You can add it to oatmeal, coffee, hot tea, protein shakes, and cereal.

Whatever you do take a look at your breakfast. You may find that breakfast is several hundred calories per day and it’s the same breakfast over and over and over again.

So by changing that breakfast you may be cutting out a few hundred calories a day which over the course of a month will be a few thousand calories!

Like my patient that I saw today you may find yourself able to lose 4 pounds a month, 5 pounds even 6 pounds a month just by changing your breakfast.

Take a look at your breakfast.  If you want to try flavor enhancers, try these zero calorie sweeteners from .

(No I’m not getting any kind of commission or affiliate fee or anything like that. They don’t even know I exist.  I tried their product and loved it!)

Take a look at your breakfast.

You might be able to cut out hundreds of calories per day. Over the course of months you’ll see, that’s thousands of calories you can cut out with a simple change in breakfast choices.

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