Being smart with your snacks

By Dr. Ron Hekier March 13, 2017






When it comes to snacks let’s be wise with our snack consumption.

Here are some Nutty Buddys made by Little Debbie. This serving here is 330 calories. Those two Nutty Buddy crackers have 330 calories.









I have also here Skinny Pop mini cakes.













How many of these mini cakes you think equal to calories in this serving here?

Obviously not 1.

Maybe 5..10..15? About 60!

60 of these mini popcorn cakes equal the calories in that double pack of Nutty Buddy. So that’s two bowls worth.








If you take your time eating them you’ll probably get bored by the time you get to 20 or 30.

I don’t think you’ll go through all 60 if you pay attention to what you’re doing.

When it comes to snack foods, pick the snacks with the lowest calorie option but with the biggest volume.

Something like those mini cakes or rice cakes have a fair amount of air so they take space they take volume with a low amount of calories.

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