Are You A Physician?

Would you like to reach an expanded audience of new patients?

Would you like to have an opportunity to provide your knowledge to existing patients nationwide?

Our surgeons are encouraged to provide guest posts for our “Lap Band Tips” page which provides information for prospective and existing patients. These posts will link back to the individual surgeon’s personal web page potentially enhancing the search engine rankings of your personal site. Additionally, by answering general questions on our “Ask a Doctor” page, doctors can demonstrate their knowledge to a broad range of LapBand patients nationwide. is created as a site for patients in the U.S. to find information about the LapBand and to find Lap Band surgeons in their community. The goal is to aid patients in a sensible manner to make a decision in finding a LapBand surgeon without being inundated with Internet ads for foreign surgeons in other countries. When a patient ends up choosing surgery in a foreign country, there is often less than optimal post-operative care, which is potentially unfavorable to all parties.

Listings on are limited within each metropolitan area so as to not overwhelm a patient with a vast array of choices that may be unsettling. Doctors are approved on a case by case basis, and will demonstrate commitment to Lap Band patients.

For information on our listing opportunities, please send your contact information via our form. We will send you additional information and invoicing information.

This is limited to U.S. physicians and their practices.

Physicians only

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