Stomach pain after eating and drinking with the Lap Band

By Dr. Ron Hekier April 8, 2012
lapband questionsI had lap band in 2007. Everything seems to be working fine with the exception that occasionally I have moderate to severe stomach pain (seems to be below the band) after eating or sometimes drinking. I will have a lot of belching but it or GasX does not seem to ease the pain. This is usually accompanied by a bout of uncontrolled dry heaves. This will last a day or more, and then be fine for several weeks or more. What can this be?

New Boston, TX

Answered by

Texarkana Weight Loss Surgeon.Dr Ron Hekier

The first thing that I would suggest you do is to visit your LapBand physician and go over your symptoms.

Generally you should have no discomfort while eating and I suspect your LapBand might be a bit too tight if you have stomach pain after eating or sometimes drinking.

We’ve written about having a Lap Band too tight on several places on this site. Here is one link to an article about a Lap Band that is too tight.


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