Removing the Lap Band after weight loss?

By Dr. Mark Watson August 25, 2011
lapband questions Question: I’m thinking of having the procedure and wanted to know if many people have the procedure then lose their desired amount and then have it removed?

Bellingham, MA

Answer from Dr. Mark Watson, university based Lap Band surgeon in Dallas.Dr Mark Watson

This is a very important question and frequently asked before someone has a band placed. One of the greatest advantages of the Lap Band is that it is completely reversible. The band can be removed and you put back to normal faster than it can be placed in the first place. No other surgery for weight loss has this benefit.

In our experience however, if a patient has lost weight with the band and is doing well, removing the band will cause them to gain weight. We have seen them gain most of the weight back after removal.

The band is designed to be permanent. It is great maintenance tool to keep you at your desired weight, forever. We recommend that you keep it and continue your new life with better health.

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Dr. Mark Watson Dr. Mark Watson

Dr. Mark Watson

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