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By Dr. Ron Hekier June 22, 2012
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I have been working out since Dec 2011 and I must say no matter how much I work out I still have pain where my port is.  I’ve tried to take it easy but it’s very frustrating when my body can keep going and it’s just my port area that hurts.  Is their anything I can do besides have it surgically moved?  My specific work out is Zumba but even crunches irritate the area.

Paterson, NJ

Answered by  | Texarkana, Texas Weight Loss surgeon

Dr Ron Hekier Sometimes people report that they feel that the LapBand port pushes out when they eat, and we have answered a question about this LapBand port problem in another post.

But your situation is different. Since the LapBand port is typically placed on the abdominal wall muscle and as a result can cause discomfort from time to time, with heavy exercise, stretching, or movement. lap-band-port








But it is not very common for discomfort to continue several months after surgery. One possibility is that the port tubing, which enters the abdominal cavity to connect with the LapBand, is pressing against your bottom ribs.

We used to place the LapBand port in a position that had it facing up with the tubing running up vertically towards its insertion into the abdomen just under the ribs. For some people this can cause discomfort as the tubing potentially presses on the tissue under the ribs sometimes. lapbandport_vertical










We now place the port in a horizontal fashion. We think it is possible that placing the port horizontal may make it less likely for the LapBand port to cause pain and discomfort.












We also know of a well experienced LapBand doctor that places his LapBand ports just below the breastbone, in the top middle portion of the abdomen.

Ask your LapBand doctor how the port is oriented. Perhaps it can be moved through a small surgical procedure to a position that causes less discomfort.

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