Does my weight qualify for the Lap Band?

By Dr. Rachael Keilin April 3, 2012

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Would someone that is 5’4″ and approximately 200 pounds be within the weight range for this type of surgery, or does one need to be more seriously obese?.

Wiggins, MS

Answered by by Dr. Rachael Keilin a weight loss doctor in Texas.
Dr Rachael Keilin

One of the first things to check when you want to see if you qualify for the Lap Band surgery is to check your BMI or Body Mass Index. The BMI is a number that takes your height and weight into account to see if your weight is in a healthy range.

To qualify for Lap Band surgery your BMI needs to be 30 or above with weight related illnesses. However, most insurance companies don’t seem to cover the LapBand procedure until a person’s BMI is 35 or above with related health issues.

Using an online BMI calculator, your BMI is 34.

Depending on your other health issues, you might be a candidate for the Lap Band procedure.

Find a doctor close to you and consult with them.

Good luck!

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