Two simple tricks to make bland food exciting again.

By Dr. Ron Hekier November 30, 2016
How can we eat healthy, if eating healthy is boring and bland?

The lowest calorie food options aren’t necessarily the tastiest.

Tuna, baked fish, grilled chicken, veggies, these all can get boring.

So how can we make the same old grilled chicken breast exciting?  How can we enjoy tuna fish several times a week?

There are 2 tricks to liven up bland foods: Adding spices and adding herbs.

Let’s start with adding spice.  Spices are generally very low in calories.

A tablespoon of black pepper has only 17 calories.  When do you even add a whole tablespoon of black pepper to a dish?  Never!

A tablespoon of oil has 120 calories. How often do we add a tablespoon of oil to a serving of a meal?  It can happen often.

By that account, adding spices instead of oils, butter, or dressing, can save a hundred calories or more per dish.

Here are just a few suggestions:

Black pepper

Curry powder

Hot sauce

Any spice mix blend such as McCormick BBQ blend, Lawry’s Seasoned Salt, or Tony Chachere’s Creole seasoning.

We can also add herbs which are extremely low in calories. Two tablespoons of basil have only 1 calorie! Herbs you can add to your meals include






Lastly we can include a few flavor enhancers such as

lemon juice, garlic, and onion.

Healthy food doesn’t have to be bland. Last week I made tuna salad with 2 cans of tuna, dried basil, lemon juice, and celery. My additives helped the taste tremendously and added almost no calories.

Liven up your food with spices and herbs, and you can be satisfied with otherwise boring food all year round.

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